Sewing Classes Seattle, WA

illustration machine for sewersspace needle parkIf you live in, or near, Seattle Washington you are in luck because there are many sewing classes and lessons for sewers in this creative Northwest town.

  • Schools – If you plan to make a career out of your sewing skills that you will want to find an accredited school. This will give you a full curriculum of classes that cover all aspects of how to sew.
  • Lessons – These are usually single day, single topic events that focus on one type of sewing – fashion, quilting or home decorating.  Look for one that matches your interests and level of expertise.
  • Workshops – Multi-day sewing workshops are ideal places to learn because you are away from your everyday concerns and can concentrate on specialized techniques and gain great amounts of knowledge.
  • Stores – Pacific Fabrics is a great fabric and sewing store that has a large selection of textiles plus a full calendar of events and classes.

Most of these educational events do require pre-registration, so be sure to call ahead and get your seat. Be sure to review the cancellation policy to know in advance if you need to cancel your sewing class due to an unforeseen event come up last minute.  Some schools allow you to make up the class at a later date -it there is another of that type of lesson planned in the future. Additionally, be sure that your class if appropriate for your age – some classes are only for children!

Often you do not need to bring your own sewing machine because they often offer loaner machines to use during class.

Typically, there is a – Materials  List – of items that you need to bring to class such as scissors, rulers and thread. Be sure to gather these items and have them at the ready when you head off to class.

Happy Sewing in Seattle!
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